Taking a Break

I wrote here a little over a month ago that we would be making some small changes for the winter. Shorter hours, no more pastries. I'm here to tell you we're doing it again. It is with a heavy heart that I have to take a little break from this beautiful store I've built. Tomorrow will be our last day open until March 1, 2017. This has been a tough decision that many other business down here at the beach have had to make. I wish more then anything that I could stay open and endure this hardship but the sales aren't there. I'm going to spend this time finding great books and unique gifts to bring to this store and I will continue to do online sales during the hiatus. My hope is to get the majority of my antique and bestseller books on our website as well as possibly Amazon or eBay, so look out for those. Most importantly I will be looking to improve the customer experience for this store and will be looking into offering a more solid trade-in-credit option for customers looking to sell books. I would like to thank all of my wonderful, amazing customers and am pleading with you all to stick with me during this tough time. If you have any questions or concerns or if you have any advise or suggestions for improving the customer experience please do not hesitate to email me at finchbooksva@gmail.com. Thanks to everyone who has made this dream of mine possible. We'll be open today and tomorrow (Jan 20-21) until 3pm and then...we'll see you in March! 


-Christine Loney

Owner of Finch Books